The Trusted Name for Emergency Drain Cleaning in Melbourne

If you need emergency drain cleaning or repairs and simply can't wait for service RMC Reservoir Maintenance Contractors will be there in Melbourne or Australia wide. Servicing 24/7, call us to discuss your emergency drain cleaning and repairs today.

Drain cleaning and maintenance

Our immediate response to emergency drain cleaning and repairs mean we will quickly resolve any problems. We use state-of-the-art equipment for drain cleaning and can arrange regular maintenance programs to reduce your need for emergency call-outs and expensive sewer cleaning and renovation.  This cost-effective service can be scheduled for every six months at your property in Melbourne or Australia wide.

Non-destructive digging

With our emergency drain repairs we can eliminate damage to your pipes and utilities. Our non-destructive digging is safe for excavating around gas lines, water pipes, tree roots and phone and electrical cables. Avoiding the potential damage of mechanical digging, we can efficiently and safely locate piplines, water mains, fiber optic lines, cables and other utilities. We can dig with precision, establishing a less invasive method for slot trenching, potholing and pipe locations.

CCTV pipeline, manhole and borehole assessment

We are an innovator when it comes to pipeline assessment in Melbourne and throughout Australia. We use the most advanced cctv pipe inspection equipment and software to provide quality digital inspections and customised reports. We can help you plan maintenance strategies or we can combine the service with pipeline cleaning to increase efficiency.


With the revolutionary Panoramo digital pipeline scanner we can inspect twice as much pipe. Other benefits include:

  • Inspection speed of up to 35 cm/s
  • Scanning of entire pipe without any gaps
  • Digital data acquisition, storage

  • Freely pannable/rotatable direction of view
  • Unfolded view of inner manhole walls
Emergency drain repairs in Melbourne Truck used for Drain Cleaning in Melbourne Truck