Non Destructive Digging Services in Melbourne

Modern cities use underground pipes to convey a  variety of utilities. These pipes crisscross under every building, street and park, delivering everything from telecommunications and fiber optics to electricity and natural gas. So when public service technicians need to dig anywhere, they must take care to avoid bursting one of these pipes.

If these lines ever break or become damaged, they can cost the local municipality millions of dollars to fix. Plus, the damage will affect thousands of people. Prevent damage to underground pipes and utility lines by using non destructive digging from Reservoir Maintenance Contractors.

What Is Non Destructive Digging?

At Reservoir Maintenance Contractors, we use non destructive digging in Melbourne as a safe alternative to using jackhammers and excavators to remove dirt and soil. Non-destructive digging (NDD) uses high-pressure water to remove soil in areas near sensitive pipes. As this water cuts through the soil, a vacuum attached to one of our mobile collection units removes loose dirt and debris.

We take the collected material and dispose of it for you. With the dirt removed, your civil workers will enjoy the freedom of a clean worksite and increased visibility of the work area.

Your town or cities can also use NDD systems for:

  • Excavation
  • Core sample preparation
  • Planting and removing trees
  • Potholing around pipes and power lines
  • Straightening power poles

Not only do all NDD systems come with EPA licenses, but they also reduce the noise pollution normally associated with this type of work.

Experience the RMC Difference

When you need to safely excavate areas with utility lines, it’s important to work with a company with experience. Reservoir Maintenance Contractors has provided Non Destructive Digging to local communities for more than 35 years. Our technicians provide 24-hour services to keep your city running smoothly.

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At RMC, we strive to provide fast, effective service at affordable rates. If you need non destructive digging in Melbourne, contact us today.