Drain Cleaning & More in Melbourne

Sewer disasters need immediate attention to prevent damage to your home and property. You need quick service, both for the repair itself and to get relief from the consequences any sewer problem. When you need emergency repairs or drain cleaning in Melbourne, contact Reservoir Maintenance Contractors immediately. We use advanced technology to resolve your draining problems 24/7.

Resolve Problems with Non-Destructive Digging

You need your sewer fixed with minimal interference with the rest of your property. We offer non-destructive solutions as an easy way to fix your pipes without digging them up. We can excavate broken pipes for repairs or locate fibre optic cables, water mains and other utility lines. You can have confidence that our repairs will avoid tree roots, gas lines, water pipes and electrical cables.

Assess Damage and Maintenance Needs with Our CCTV Services

We'll use CCTV to inspect broken pipes or detect potential problems during your drain cleaning in Melbourne. You can use our technology to get a report on the integrity of your sewer systems or find the exact source of your sewer problem. We can also use the cameras to plan a future maintenance schedule, ensuring your pipes don't see issues for the years to come.

Take Advantage of Panoramo Digital Scans

For more comprehensive digital pipe inspections, trust in our Panaramo technology. Panaramo provides you with faster inspection times, helping us get a better picture of your drainage pipes' health. We can get a full view of every centimetre of pipe, allowing us to detect small cracks and leaks that could cause you problems.

When you need thorough drain cleaning in the Melbourne area, trust RMC to resolve troublesome issues. We respond to emergencies 24/7. We also offer regular maintenance to prevent problems before they arise. Call 0418 319 992 today to learn more.