Prevent Sewer Problems with CCTV Pipe Inspection in Melbourne

Imagine your office being flooded with calls complaining about sewage in basements or soggy lawns. Think what would happen if your business's restrooms became inoperable. Events like this are signs of a blocked sewer drain or broken sewer pipes. Major sewer problems cause headaches and a loss of public confidence.

However, you can prevent all of this with regular maintenance and inspections. At Reservoir Maintenance Contractors, we offer CCTV pipe inspection for Melbourne public and private sewer pipes. CCTV pipe inspections allow our expert technicians to resolve possible sewer problems before they arise. With this technology, you can protect your business or community from major mishaps.

The CCTV Advantage

When you call us for a CCTV pipe inspection in Melbourne, we can see the inside of any pipe. We attach a CCTV camera to the end of an extension cord that we push through the entire sewer line. The cord and camera allow us to explore the entire line, looking for potential or current complications.

The Inspection and Cleaning Process

We advise that you have maintenance inspections for sewer lines every six months. When you call us for inspections, we examine and clean the line to prevent possible blockages in the future. If we notice any cracks or damage, we will advise maintenance and repairs so you avoid a sewer line break.


If you do have an emergency, we use the CCTV to discover the damage quickly, without digging up yards, streets and parking lots. We can find you a solution in less time and then use non-destructive digging to focus only on the damaged part of the line. You can reduce your inconvenience and expenses when you trust our CCTV inspections to solve your sewer emergency.

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