Your local specialist for pipeline assessment in Melbourne

From drain cleaning and maintenance to our industry-leading pipeline assessment services, RMC Reservoir Maintenance Contractors will go the extra mile for you every time, for all your drainage needs in Melbourne and Australia wide. Feel free to browse the FAQs on this page for more information about the services we offer.

Where are you based?

We are based in Melbourne but have the capabilities to service Australia wide. We have also completed work internationally in countries such as the Philippines.

What CCTV equipment do you use?

To maintain our high standards of service we use several quality brands and types of inspection equipment such as the Ibak Panoramo and Panoramo Si, Ibak crawler systems and various Ridgid push cameras.

Is the image quality of the Panoramo system better than Standard CCTV systems?

In contrast to video technology, where constant lighting and a rotating camera cause a high degree of image blurring, the Panoramo uses short xenon flashes. These illuminate the pipe sufficiently to guarantee top quality, pin sharp images at high inspection speeds of up to 35 cm per second.