3 Ways to Minimise Business Disruption During Plumbing Works

In private residences, plumbing maintenance can be scheduled and handled in whichever manner is most convenient for the homeowner, with no real restrictions. For businesses and government properties, things become a little more complicated — but no less vital. The importance of keeping a good maintenance schedule for your business is well-documented.

You should also conduct the maintenance and any necessary repairs carefully, ensuring that business can continue to operate as usual or at least reducing downtime to a minimum. Here are some tips to prevent your regular plumbing maintenance from severely affecting your operations.


1. Be Selective

Plumbing companies who work mostly in private households are perfectly competent, but commercial plumbing poses challenges and complications that they may not be equipped to deal with. 

The system itself is likely to be far larger and more complicated than one found in a private household. It will also prioritise different things than a residential plumbing system, and the components are often designed entirely differently to reflect these needs.

While the same basic principles will apply, you may face practical problems if your plumber is not used to dealing with a commercial plumbing system. Choose a contractor who frequently works in business and municipal environments to eliminate this possibility.

The difference between commercial and residential plumbing systems is not just a technical issue, though. It is also about logistics.

You can communicate exactly what you need to a commercial plumber and explain any restrictions that may make the job more complex — for example, if the job must be completed outside of standard business hours. Armed with this information and a background of commercial-specific experience, the job will run much more smoothly.


2. Utilise CCTV Technology

Where possible, you should use CCTV technology to investigate your plumbing system. Not only does this technology allow your plumbers to reach difficult parts of your system, but it does so without the need to pull up any flooring or otherwise cause damage necessary to facilitate access.

This advantage might mean the difference between being forced to close your business during maintenance and being able to keep it open. In the best cases, CCTV inspection may negate the need for a physical inspection at all.

Of course, in some cases, access may still eventually be required to conduct repairs or investigate more complicated problems; not everything can be done from a distance. However, it's well worth making the attempt.


3. Have a Plan A, B, and C

Before any major maintenance is conducted, you should be acutely aware of what your plumbers intend to do, how long it will take, and the most likely outcomes.

This knowledge allows you to communicate clearly with customers, clients and staff alike about any potential downtime — which is vital for reducing frustration and resuming service as neatly as possible after the maintenance ends. It also gives you a chance to draw up plans B and C in the rare event of complications.

For example, if a severe problem is found in your plumbing system that will take it out of commission for much longer than anticipated, will you relocate your business temporarily? 

What about in the case of a plumbing emergency such as severe flooding, which could close your doors for weeks? 

If you do plan to relocate in these circumstances, where to?  Is there a chance that you can postpone that severe maintenance until a weekend or set period in the future?  How much is additional work likely to cost?

You don’t want to think about the risk of flooding or major issues, but mapping these things out and discussing them with your contractor will remove any unnecessary stress from the situation.


In Conclusion

Because your plumbing system is hidden and difficult to inspect, its maintenance requirements can be unpredictable. But choosing an experienced contractor like RMC Reservoir Maintenance Contractors is the best thing you can do to reduce that unpredictability and keep the process quick and easy. Contact us today, and let's start putting together a maintenance plan that works for you.